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This Blog is dedicated to my pursuit of getting published. I have been plying away at this for almost two decades with limited success. I am not looking for fame or fortune, although it would be a nice side benefit, but rather an opportunity to create and express myself. There are many talented artist out there that have helped me along the way and I am hoping that my getting published will be payback for all of the time that they have invested in me.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Green Lantern and Green Arrow, Copyright 2006 DC Comics and Warner Brothers Communications. All Rights Reserved

I've been doing alot of art for some upcoming projects and that keeps me very busy. However, there are times when I just start to get a little bogged down with the particular piece that I happen to be working on and need to get my mind refreshed. When this happens I just take out a sheet of paper and doodle the first thing that comes to my head. Sometimes the results are good, sometimes wierd and other times interesting. In this case, I had never really spent much time drawing Green Lantern or Green Arrow (who I find one of the toughest characters to draw) but this came out. There are some things wrong with the face on Green Lantern but what I am going for in doing this type of excercise is a sense of intimate immediacy and spontaneity. This sketch took about 15 minutes to do and it really helped me to get the juices flowing again so that I could get back to the piece I was working on and finish it.


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