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This Blog is dedicated to my pursuit of getting published. I have been plying away at this for almost two decades with limited success. I am not looking for fame or fortune, although it would be a nice side benefit, but rather an opportunity to create and express myself. There are many talented artist out there that have helped me along the way and I am hoping that my getting published will be payback for all of the time that they have invested in me.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Well, I must say that the last few days have been eventful to say the least. This past Friday I was at the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield, MA. I was manning a booth for my job. In case I failed to mention I work in the mobility industry. I sell handicap vans and vehicle modification equipment. It is a good job and does more than just pay the bills. I really like the job as it is very rewarding work. I really like it when one of my disabled clients gets into their vehicle and is able to go out and enjoy the things that we take for granted. For some of my clients, the first time that they ride away in one of the handicap vans that I sell them, it is their first time that they are able to go out with family to eat at a restaurant for example. In any case I was sitting there at the Big E and pretty much bored to tears when I decided I'd draw for a bit. All I had in hand was a couple of magic markers and copy paper, this was the result...

The Incredible Hulk

Green Lantern

On Sunday I was a the supermarket getting ready to get in the check out line when a man fell off of his scooter and started having a diabetic seizure. Having seen this sort of thing before I helped him up with the help of a nurses aid that happened to be in the check out line as well. We got him situated and I had the store manager get some OJ and a piece of chocolate to get his blood sugar back up. I called 911 and the paramedic came and took over for me. He was very thankful for my help and I left there feeling as if I had made a difference in somebody's day. Man that was a thrill. Then Monday and Tuesday roll around and all heck broke loose at my job. It seemed as if everyone had a problem and it was with me. The sad thing is that all of the problems they had with me I had absolutely no control over. I did the best that I could to help smooth things out but man oh man, talk about stress.
I did however manage to finish the pinup that I was talking about. As soon as I get permission from the publisher I'll post it here. Additionally, I am almost done with the second issue of Full Moon Craze. The last page is a double page spread and I am very pleased with the way that it is turning out. I hope to post it shortly after completing it. Well that is the last few days since my last blog, some of it was up and some of it was down but all of it was living and that is all any of us can do...

until the next blog, peace.


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